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Fits also for diabetics

Ingredients Preparation


1 zucchini Cut the zucchini in blocks of 1 2 cm.
4 tablespoons yogurt If the zucchini is very young, cut in slices of 1 2 cm.
1 tablespoon lemon-juice Cut the garlic in very small pieces.
1 clove of garlic Pour the yogurt in a bowl and add the lemon-juice, the
teaspoon ginger-powder garlic, the ginger-powder and the salt.
a little salt Mix well and add the zucchini.
Stir the zucchini, until all the pieces are wet.
If you think the sauce is to thick, add some buttermilk.
For a more creamy taste, add milk.
Put the bowl in the fridge and let stay it there for a
couple of hours.
If you like a sweet taste, put in sweetener on the
last moment
You can prepare this dish one day before.

>>> This salad tastes good on a warm summerday >>>

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