Turnip Fennel

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IngrediŽnts Preparation

1 big turnip of fennel Take off the outside leaves and the root part.
1 dl. stock(fish, chicken or beef) Cut the fennel in rings and save the leaves for garnish.
(see for beef-stock by the soups) Boil the rings in the stock on a low fire.
20 grams butter Take the rings out and put them in a serving bowl.
1 tablespoon flour Melt in another pan the butter.
Add the flour at one time and stir.
Let the butter not changing color until brown.
The color has to be white.
Add , stirring, the fennel-liquid, and let it cook
until it has the thickness you want.
Pour the sauce over the fennel rings in the bowl.
Garnish the dish with the cutted green fennel leaves.
Serve immediately
Tip : This dish tastes good with fish, chicken or meat.
In the past it was mostly used by fish.

>>> A tasteful sweet smelling dish ! >>>

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