Stuffed Madeleines

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250 grams butter 250 grams pastry-flour
250 grams sugar 125 grams currants
1 tblsp. vanilla-sugar 125 grams raisins
250 grams eggs ( ▒ 5) 2 tblsp. rum


Wash the currants and raisins very well.
Add the tablespoons rum to it .
Let the butter come on room-temperature until soft.
Beat the butter until smooth.
Take from the sugar one tablespoon and replace with the vanilla-sugar.
Put it together with the butter and beat it until smooth.
Put in the eggs, one by one, while beating.
Preheat the oven on 175║ Celsius (350║ Fahrenheit)
Sift the flour one or two times.
Grease  the muffin-pans (6 pieces from 12 little muffins each) with the butter.
Strew the pans now with sifted flour.
Do the currants and raisins now through the butter and sugar.
Add very quick, short and careful, the flour.
Too long makes that the Madeleines get harder, not fluffy anymore.
The dough goes now in the muffin pans.
Bake in the oven for ▒ 30 minutes.
In a turbo oven you can do all the muffin pans together in the oven.
In an other oven you can prepare 3 of them and bake them.
While the 3 pans are baking, you prepare the others and clean your kitchen. 

>>>Have a good day with these delicious Madeleines!>>>

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