Stock of beef

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IngrediŽnts Preparation

500 gram  shank of beef with bones.

Wash the meat very well under the hose.

1 liter water Put it in a small, but high pan
8 gram salt When you want to use the meat, bring first the water to a boil.
When you throw the meat away, put the meat in the cold water.
In this case the meat is getting very dry and you can not use it.
Bring it to a boil, and lower the fire until small, for simmering.
Add the salt and put the lid on the pan. Keep closed until ready.
Let simmer for 2Ĺ hour and do not look in that time!!
Don't take the scum away.
After 2Ĺ hour you can sift the stock and take of the fat if you want.
You can cut the meat in pieces and add it to your dish.
You can also cool down the meat and fry it with an cutted onion.
Tip:   Use the stock as a base for your soups.
Or use it by making delicious sauces.


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