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Ingredients Preparation


1 kg. potatoes Put the oil in the pan
100 gr. broccoli Chop the onion and the garlic.
100 gr. onion Fry them in the oil.
4 gr. salt Cut the carrots in slices, the potatoes in blocks.
4 cloves of garlic Put this in the pan with the (preferable warm) stock
3 tablespoons olive oil Let it simmer for 10 minutes.
100 gr. carrots Cut in that time the bellpepper in ropes and
liter stock the broccoli in pieces.
1 red bellpepper Place this in the pan with the salt and herbs.
1 green bellpepper Let it another time simmer for 10 minutes.
herbs to your taste like: Put the dish in the servingbowl 
basilica, parsley, Garnish it with chives.
tarragon, chives etc.
>>> Enjoy this this evening this dish ! >>>

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