Nesselrode pudding              
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. 6 egg yolks Beat the egg yolks on room-temperature, with
. 160 gram sugar and the seeds of
. 1 stick of vanilla(or 1 tbsp. of         Beat them until creamy.
vanilla-sugar Warm  the milk, while stirring, and thicken this on a low fire until creamy.
. ½ liter milk Do not cook it !
. 160 gram chestnut purée Beat the chestnut purée, and pour in the egg yolks, beating until smooth.
100 gram currants, raisins, and Add the currants, raisins, orange-peel and glaze fruit mix.
.(candied) orange-peel and Dissolve the gelatin in a little bit of water, and pour it, while
. 100 gram deluxe glaze fruit mix stirring, in the purée
. 11 gram gelatin Let it cool down until it starts to shiver, but do not leave it to stiffen
. 6 egg whites ( 30-50 minutes in the fridge).                                            
. ¼ liter whipping-cream Beat the egg whites stiff.
1 deciliter marasquin(or rum) Beat the whipping-cream in another bowl.
Pour  the marasquin or rum into the whipped cream.
. When the purée is cool enough, pour in the whipped cream and
the beaten egg whites.


>>> This pudding tastes very well ! >>>
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