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Ingrediėnts Preparation

2½ dl. water Preheat the oven on 350°Fahrenheit ( 175°Celsius)
100 grams butter Bring the water with the butter and the salt to a boil.
salt to your taste Sift the flour and add it at one time to the boiling water.
150 gram pastry flour Stir until it is a ball dough, that comes free from the
4 eggs bottom and walls of the pan.
Take the pan away from the fire.
For the filling : Add one by one the eggs.
½ liter whipping cream Every time the egg has to be taken in the dough.
90 grams sugar Grease the baking sheet very well.
10 grams vanilla sugar For big ones, make 10 parts (2 tablespoons),
for smaller ones make 20 parts (1 tablespoon),
For the icing : on the baking sheet.
100 grams dark chocolate Leave enough space in between.
Bake in the oven for 1 hour and a quarter.
Then let it cool down.
Beat the whipping cream with the sugars until stiff.
Cut of the crusty end at the top of the puff.
Fill the puffs with the beaten cream.
Put a bowl in a pan with very hot water.
Melt the chocolate in the bowl .
Spread the outside of the puffs with the chocolate.
Let this get hard.
Tip :
A little advocate on the top looks pretty.

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