Leek dish

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IngrediŽnts ( 2 persons.) Preparation

1 Š 2 tablespoons olive oil Grease the pan with oil.
300 grams leek (clean) Heat the fire on low.
100 gram shallot Clean the leek and cut the leek in rings.
2 Š 3 cloves of garlic I use also the light green parts of the leaves.
100 grams tomato(1 big ~) Put them in the pan
100 grams zucchini Stir every time while adding a new ingredient.
pepper and salt to your taste Cut the shallot in rings and put in the pan.
100 grams grated cheese Peel the cloves of garlic, cut them in little pieces.
30 grams quick oats Add the garlic to the leeks.
2 tablespoons milk Wash and cut the zucchini in ropes and add.
2 tablespoons yogurt Cut the tomatoes in pieces and add.
1 teaspoon honey Sprinkle the salt and pepper to your taste.
10 - 12 stuffed  olives. Let it simmer for 15 minutes.
Don't use the lid ! Stir now and then.
Grate the cheese and add it together with the oats.
Add now the yogurt, the milk and the honey.
Is the dish to dry, add then a spoon of white wine.
Fill the serving dish and decorate with the olives.

>>> Enjoy this plain dish ! >>>

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