Celery root

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IngrediŽnts Preparation

1 celery root Use about 250 grams of the clean celery per person.
3 tablespoons olive oil Cut the celery root in slices of 2 cm. thick.
salt Peel of the outside skin.
Don't wait, go at once further.
If you wait, the beautiful fresh color disappears.
Cut the slice in ropes of 2 cm.
Cut the ropes in blocks of 2 cm.
2 cm. is nearby the thickness of your finger.
Sprinkle salt to your taste over the blocks.
Heat the olive oil in a frying pan.
Put the blocks in the pan and the fire on half.
Turn over and over with a spoon for ten minutes.
After the 10 minutes you see the blocks getting
golden brown.
Immediately put out the fire.
They are now ready to serve.

>>> This dish has a very delicious, apart taste ! >>>

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