Asparagus Soup

( 6 -8 persons)

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Ingrediėnts Preparation

1½ l. stock Prepare the stock ahead.
1 bundle asparagus (± 500 gram) Wash the asparagus and cut the tops (± 6 cm.)
60 grams butter Wait with adding until the last 10 minutes.
60 grams flour Cut the stalks of the asparagus in pieces.
1 dl. milk or cream Throw  away the hard bottoms.
1 egg-yolk Peel the rest of the stalks and cook them in the stock
a little pepper in 15 minutes until done.
½ teaspoon nutmeg Take them out of the stock and sieve them.
¼ teaspoon mace Do the fluid part back in the bouillon.
1 tablespoon chives Melt in a pan the butter and add the flour at once.
Stir well and add the soup bit by bit. Go on with stirring.
Add the pepper, nutmeg and mace.
If the stock is not salt enough, add it to your taste.
Let it simmer for 10 minutes.
Add the asparagus heads and simmer another 10 minutes.
Stir  the egg-yolks  with the milk in the servingbowl.
Pour slowly in the soup and stay stirring.
Garnish the soup with the cutted chives.
The soup gets extra delicious if you add, together with the
asparagus heads, a little white wine.
Use for this the wine, you serve by your dinner.

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