3-grains bread

(breadmachine or by hand)

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Ingrediėnts Preparation

400 ml. milk or water Put the liquid under in the pan. (by olive oil, this also)
300 gr. whole wheat flour Put on the liquid the 3 flours.
100 gr. rye flour Sprinkle the sugar on it.
100 gr. quick oats Stir in the salt under the surface.
30 gr. sugar If you use herbs, add them now like the salt.
15 gr. salt Make the flour in the corners a little higher
15 gr. herbs(own choice) If you use butter, put them now   in the corners,
4 times ½ tblsp. butter or on the flour hills.
(4 tblsp. olive oil) Make in the middle of the pan a little hole.
10 - 15 gr. quick rising yeast. Put  the yeast in the hole.
Bake the bread on Whole Wheat stand.
Tip 1 : Do not use sourdough in the machine.
That will not work.
Tip 2 : When the machine starts with the kneading,
look, if it really takes the whole dough.
When not, help the dough with an old tablespoon 
in the corner of the pan.
Tip 3 : If you use dark brown sugar, the color of the bread
is getting darker. The taste is richer and
you add iron to your bread. Healthy !
By hand : Prepare by hand is also possible.
Use your own way and bake the bread in the oven.
Bake it 50 minutes on 175°Celsius or 350°Fahrenheit.
If you use gas: the middle stand 3.
This bread helped us by changing our eating-pattern to lower the blood-pressure and
to lower the cholesterol.The following helps also to lower the two levels:
Put in a bowl 5 dry apricots per person and put them just under the water.
Do this in the evening and eat it by your breakfast.

>>> Enjoy this bread and be healthy ! >>>

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